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Slope Erosion

Erosion Control / Erosion Damage FAQ Page

We work with a variety of professional architects, engineers, landscape architects builders and regulating agencies coordinating and conferring to facilitate your projects.

Q. 1 Where does erosion start?
A. 1 Slope erosion along shorelines does not start at the top. Problems begin at the bottom.

Q. 2 Where do you begin treatment of a slope problem?
A. 2 Treatment begins at the bottom.

Q. 3 When can I start putting my stairways and decks and Gazebos in?
A. 3 Immediately after the bluff face is roughed in (approx. 30 days).

Q. 4 When can my landscape architect begin final planting?
A. 4 As soon as we're finished with the rough-in.

Q. 5 When can I begin to expect new growth on the embankment?
A. 5 usually within 30-60 days weather permitting.

Q. 6 Is there a limit to plant and vegetation varieties?
A. 6 You are not limited in most cases.

Q. 7 Why is traditional treatments typically limited to grasses and small shrubbery?
A. 7 Holmberg Technology provides new soils and materials replacing lost soils and add organic and synthetic mixes that nature thrives on.

Q. 8 Will your process or technology work for me?
A. 8 Yes, whether glacial till, clay or sand from a 2' elevation to Mount McKinley

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