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Slope Erosion

With no percolation erosion is a high speed problem, however, with appropriate site balanced flow control, impacts are limited.

Holmberg Technologies, Inc. brings new technology solutions to treat bluff and slope erosion for private as well as public land and landowners. We have the technology to stop shoreline erosion as well as restoring the headlands that have been eroding away due to these negative forces. From private homeowners, D.O.T. roadway projects, to state funded projects, we have a proven technology that can save our natural resources and restore these precious lands back to their original state and beyond. Our satisfied customers talk about added property value, restored property, additional land formations, aesthetics, beauty, nature preserves, and landscape designs and functions that they had only dreamed could actually become a reality. From concept to completion... Holmberg Technologies has the technology to do it all.

Our company has spent over 40 years in research and development to bring new and old ideas together to develop a technology that brings real world solutions that solve erosion problems to work with nature instead of against her. Our goals are to compliment and co-exist with nature in order to preserve our natural resources for future generations. Let us turn your "negatives" into "positives". We offer a professional and scientifically correct analysis, plan and treatment of your erosion problem. We will organize and direct a team effort approach that includes the homeowner, architect, builder, landscaper, and any other parties necessary to get the job done.

In order to enjoy your property, you need to feel confident and secure about your surroundings. If this feeling of security is eluding you, please feel free to talk to any one of our satisfied clients and ask them how we were able to help them gain the security of a stabilized and healthy environment. We can help you to visualize the possibilities of creating your own personal "garden of eden."

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